Xbox 360 Kameo: Elements Of Power

Kameo Elements of Power by Microsoft Game Studios is a fantasy adventure themed action game. It showcases the Xbox 360’s graphic muscle. You control Kameo and her power to assume the form of various elemental warriors. Each warrior has their own unique power and abilities. The creature’s abilities are connected to the elements such as fire, earth and water.

When I first got the Xbox 360 this is one of the titles I bought with it. It was money well spent. This game takes a unique approach to the fantasy action platform type of games. You can control many different elemental warriors. You usually have to use two or three of them together in order to solve the puzzles or progress through the levels. A good thing about the different warriors is their different abilities are fun to use. Often characters are thrown in for a specific purpose of a game and not needed later. Each of the warriors are fun and useful during most parts of the game.

To give you an idea of some of the creatures you control I’ll list a few of my favorites. The first character you receive is Pummelweed. He is a vine-like plant creature whose tentacles have red flowers that he uses as boxing gloves. You will continue to go back to him because of his ability to do melee combat. He can also crouch into the ground and then pop up in a super powerful uppercut move. One of my other favorite characters if Major Ruin. This character is an armored creature that looks something like an armadillo. His power involves rolling forward at high speed. This is useful in jumping over gaps and can be useful in defeating enemies. Lastly I would like to mention this game has incredibly fun coop mode. You unlock the multiplayer missions as you play through the single player story mode. You can also play online making this a must have for any fantasy/platform video game fans.

Upcoming Video Games for the Playstation 3

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (January 30)

Like the previous Rainbow Six video games, tactics mean everything and time is certainly against you.

Rainbow Six has always been a very popular video game.

I expect this Sonic the Hedgehog game to keep the tradition going, satisfying loyal fans.

In Oblivion, games get the opportunities to choose the look and the destiny of their character.

This may be the very first video game that I purchase for my game console when it's released.

Like the previous Rainbow Six video games, tactics mean everything and time is certainly against you.

Rainbow Six has always been a very popular video game.

****R6 is already hugely popular with Xbox 360 owners. It will be interesting to see how it takes off with the PS3.****


Reviews of PS3 and Wii browsers


You can zoom in on any part of the page, which makes it easier to read, but it's a clunky fix and illustrates how Nintendo's decision to forgo HD graphics does limit the system's capabilities.

XBOX 360?: It's a little surprising that both Sony and Nintendo have released Web browsers for their consoles before Microsoft.

Microsoft, after all, does make the most popular browser in the world, Internet Explorer, and the Xbox 360 is all about online capabilities and high-definition graphics.

BOTTOM LINE: The PS3 and Wii browsers are kind of fun to play with when you're done gaming and want to goof off for a few minutes before calling it a night.

But both browsers are too limited right now to replace anyone's PC. And it's particularly surprising to see Nintendo, the company that claims it only cares about gaming and has no interest in making a multimedia machine, jump into this space.

Read more here

4th and Inches

Hardball got me thinking about another Accolade favorite, 4th and Inches. Again, only two teams, but tons of fun. The play choices weren't great. You could either run or pass and then only choose either a specific run or choosing a route for a specific receiver. You only have one button so one receiver is all that could be used. Picked at the right time, the post patterns were lethal. Keep in mind, this is before Tecmo Football or Madden. I want to say the QB on one of the teams was named Joe Dakota (like Joe Montana).

Visit the Underdogs for more info on 4th and Inches.

Candystand Games

Some online games for everyone to enjoy.

Candystand Games

My personal favorite is Bullpen Blast, but there is plenty of stuff for everyone.


Hardball! by Accolade was one of the first baseball games I remember playing a lot. That and Microleague Baseball were two of my favorite games in my middle school years. I'd come home and fire up the Commodore 64 before starting my homework. Hardball has the camera behind the pitcher so it allowed me to move pitches around and have a good time working the hitters. The game was so simple, yet so much fun. Tommy Eueler of the Champs (the blue team) was one of my favorite pitchers. I'd run fastball in to right handed hitters (Tommy is left handed) and then throw screwballs away to get them out. I can't remember if I ever threw a no-hitter or perfect game in Hardball!, but I know I had some 16 and 17 strikeout games. My brother and I eventually took the players off the teams and made likenesses of them in not only Earl Weaver Baseball, but also Front Page Sports Baseball.

Hardball! will always hold a special place in my heart. In fact, that might be the first baseball game my son learns to play on his computer. Might as well start him with a classic his old man loves.

Here are some screenshots of Hardball!

NBA Live 07 Review

Being a sports fan, I picked up NBA Live 07 last week for the PC. I'm not a big NBA fan, but I love college basketball (Go Tar Heels!) and basketball in general. I've played just about every version of the NBA Live series since it debuted years ago. I was looking forward to playing some games with the Charlotte Bobcats since they are the home town team. I wanted to see how well Adam Morrison performed since I wasn't too keen on him being their first round pick (a story for another time).

NBA Live 07 is graphically impressive with the players looking realistic and moving around fluidly on the court. Once you get past the graphics though, NBA Live 07 doesn't appear to be much more than last year's game with updated rosters. It also didn't feel as fluid and easy playing it as the 2006 version. I use a USB adapter to plug my PS2 controller into the PC. I've never had any trouble playing any games with it. This includes Madden, MVP Baseball, and Tiger Woods Golf. The shooting was the toughest part. I like shooting jump shots (I'm a decent height guy who was never really fast or could jump real high - IRL though I can stick 15-18 foot jumpers on a regular basis and put Shaq to shame at the free throw line - think Chris Mullin without the buzz cut and the NY accent and minus about 7 inches) and it was difficult to get a feel for when the ball should be released. It was almost like there was a delay between letting the button go and the ball being released on-screen. Considering my style of play, you can see where this would be frustrating. Other gameplay issues that I noticed were rebounding and stopping point guards with decent speed. The point guards can penetrate at will and shoot for a good percentage. It doesn't matter the defense either.

From a feature standpoint, I haven't run through every facet of NBA Live 07, but the dynasty mode still has something I dispise, micromanaged scouting. I HATE having to go in and tell a scout to check out certain players every few days. What's the point? The draft and GM aspects are normally my favorite parts of any sports game, but NBA Live 07's click fest to scout one player for the draft gives me fits. You can do the 2006 NBA Draft as part of dynasty mode which I've done twice, once selecting Randy Foye and the other time choosing Brandon Roy. No Morrison on my teams.

My overall impression of NBA Live 07 isn't favorable. It's a redo of last year with updated rosters. The graphics are good, but it's still lacking in other aspects. Sometimes when you play a game and then exit to the menu, there's no way to exit to the desktop without playing another game, exiting it, and getting the X icon in the upper right hand corner back. At what point will game designers learn they need to fix stuff that is incorrect first before adding more stuff? I wish there was a game to compete with NBA Live 07 on the PC. My current favorite PC basketball game is Total Pro Basketball 2005, which is no longer for sale. I'll give a review of that game in the near future.

If you've got to have a PC basketball fix, NBA Live 07 is sadly your only choice

Geek Scale Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Geeks

Football Memories

Old school memory today. Probably one of my earliest. Playing football with my little brother on the Atari 2600. I can't remember the name, but it was the generic football game that was out. Anyways, he got ahead 14-7 and I drove down the field in the closing seconds to score a touchdown. You couldn't go for a two point conversion in that game, so I had to kick a point after to tie the game. I had never missed a PAT in the game, until then. I lost 14-13. I guess I still remember that because I was upset with myself about missing the PAT. I guess you can't win them all.

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